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Have you ever rode on the hump of a mythological beast? The portuguese sailors captured Adamastor on the shores of South Africa and brought it to Portugal, where he was set asleep. According to the myth, his hump formed the highest Portuguese moutain in the mainland. In Serra da Estrela you can overcome the biggest challenge on your bike. Ride the almost car free roads, try to tame Adamastor and reach the top of The Star. Feel that beautiful pain, share it or just keep it for yourself. Before you head towards this beast, ride the shores around Lisbon, feel the ocean breeze and have a taste of the food. After taming the beast we'll be back again in Lisbon for a farwell ride. Are you up to it?



Wouldn't you like to be in a playground forever? The Star it's been our adventures scenery for the past decades and it's always changing moods taught us to be humble and respectful, no matter you are in shape or not. Here you will find snow from December up to the end of March but also the merciless heat during the summer days. One thing is for sure, you will also find here the steepest climbs in Portugal, with long roads made for cars but due to their almost inexistence you'll think that these roads were made for our bicycles!

This is a land of tough and fair people with rugged landscapes, secluded villages that you wouldn't believe their existence and with such a rich gastronomy that you really need to keep on pushing on the climbs so that you can loose the extra weight! Make no mistakes, The Star is for heroes. It doesn't matter your cadence, your speed, your average heart beat! What is really important is your willingness to overcome yourself, to be prepared to resist, reach the summit of The Star and feel that you're fulfilled...and ready to go again on the next day!

"Men do no quit playing because they grow old. They grow old because they quit playing" - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Day 1 - Arrival and presentation

We'll pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel where you can start assembling your bike or getting to know the one provided by us

The all tour will be presented to you by one of our Tour Designers with a special focus on the first stage that takes place on the next day.

Q&A session afterwards

You'll be delivered your welcome pack

Day 2 - First Stage - Just warming up in Sesimbra - Arrábida

Early birds get car free roads, so we start our ride at 08h00

After ride meal

A bit of traveling up to our head-quarters in The Star

Briefing for the next stage

Day 3 - Second Stage - Meet The Star

First stage in The Star. Clench your teeth the pain is coming

After ride meal

Free afternoon

Briefing for the next stage

Day 4 - Third Stage - Taming the beast

Second stage in The Star. You were already introduced, let's rock and tame the beast

After ride meal

Free afternoon

Briefing for the next stage

Day 5 - Fourth Stage - After Adamastor any climb is a relaxing moment now!

Third stage in The Star. Can you still feel your legs? Good!

After ride meal

Free afternoon

Briefing for the next stage

Day 6 - Fifth Stage - You really enjoy the pain don't you?

Fourth and farewell stage in The Star

After ride meal

Traveling back to Lisbon

Briefing for the next stage

Day 7 - Sixth Stage - One more surprise for the beast tamers

Last stage. Today's ride is happening around Lisbon in a completely different backdrop

After ride meal

You have done it? You really deserve an hero badge for taming The Star

Day 8 - Departure day

Transfer to airport







  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Insurance of Civil Responsibility and Personal Accident during the event
  • Welcome Pack
  • Massages*
  • Connections between the hotels in Portugal*
  • Guides in each stage*
  • GPX Files for Garmin device
  • Support car during the stages*
  • Carbon frame road bike with Ultegra*
  • Energy Bars
  • Mechanical Support during the stages*
  • 7 after ride meals*
  • 7 nights in double rooms
  • 7 dinners*
  • 1 Jersey*

* Only Available on Guided Tours

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Food and beverage not covered in the hotel pack
  • Travel Insurance
  • Incidental expenses



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