15 September

Hidden Algarve

Hi there, I'm Carlos, one of the Tour Designers responsible for Heading South and I would like to share with you how it was the first time I went southern with my bike. António, the other Tour Designer for this ride, challenged me to conect Tróia (Setúbal) to Lagos in a distance of 200 km. It is still today a great distance to cover, but back then it was something herculean. We still had the heavy MTB bikes, a little heavier since we add it a rack for our small luggage. And off we went! My God, ignorance is truely a blessing! We didn't have a clue about what's coming but we soon realized it was something huge. Despite the pain, the hunger (we were not prepared with the nutrition needed for such a challenge) we were still capable of enjoying the ride, with the ocean on our side and one goal on our mind: reach Lagos and deliver ourselves to the pleasures of a luxury hotel right in front of the beach! And we made it!  We reached the hotel, had the most superb meal and we rested, so tired we were! On the next day, we were ready for another stage! And since then we've made hundreds of rides to and across Alentejo and Algarve. Such diverse and rich landscapes always have something new to offer! Want to try it?