14 September

Falling in Love With Douro

Hello there, I'm António the Tour Designer for the Douro ride! Let me tell you how I got hooked by these region. It was quiet simple, in fact! A friend of mine invited me for a weekend in Armamar - you'll ear about it and your legs will feel it even better - where we satyed in a beautiful country house. We tasted wine, we ate as kings and the we went for this delightful train ride up to Pinhão. On our way back, on a boat this time, this friend, also a road biker and bicycle enthusiast, challenged me for a bike ride the next day! And so we went. It was like magic, it looked like the landscapes had earn a newer and brighter light, the scent in the air was amazing and I was forever in love with the Douro region. Since then, I've been inviting people over to get so fascinated as I did. Are you ready to feel the passion and fall in love with Douro? Yes? Ask your legs too and keep this quote in mind because I don't want to trick you, the stages are hard: "We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training" Archilochos. Press hard on your trainig and come fall in love!