13 September

Debuting on The Star

Riding my bicycle is what keeps me in balance in every aspect of my life and so I might say this is very important for me...Look at me, starting to talk without presenting my self. Hello there, I'm Carlos, one of the Tour Designers that have assembled this beautiful and painful Tour in The Star for you! So, when you're climbing and suffering and your legs simply don't shut up, my name is the one to have in mind to direct all the cursing :) I'm used to it, don't spare me!  Let me tell you the story about the first time I climbed to the summit of The Star. It happened a few years ago - it really doesn't matter how long it was, does it? -, and I used my BTT to do it. The bike weight was 15kg with all the gear. There I was on the foothills, completely ignorant of what was expecting me in the next hours. I just had an idea in mind: to go up there, take a photo with the bike over my head and show it to my kid. And so I started. After a few Kilometers I simply couldn't believe that the climbing wasn't stoping or smoothing, after each curve more climbing to do. My God, I suffered so much and was so focused on not giving up that I didn't even noticed a couple of guys passed me. It was early in the day and I had completely forgoten about mankind. My only tought was that picture. And I kept on going until I reached the Tower, the milestone in the summit of The Star. I almost bursted in to tears of joy! I was so happy and proud of myself. I didn't even rested for a minute and went straight to the Tower where I asked these guys with road bikes to take a picture of me. Eventually we started to talk and they told me that they had already climbed twice to The Star on that day and they were preparing for the third round on that moment. Needless to say that all my feeling good simply transformed in a feeling of "I'm not so great after all" and quickly evolved to my new goal: convert myself to road biking and climb all the summits within my reach. And so it started! Since then I climbed to the Tower more times than I can remember and I started to challenge others to do it. Our team is ready for you! Are you ready for The Star?